In The Mind`s I                                                                                              University Without Walls, Warren Neidich and FLU-Skopje students,                    15-28 April

AKTO 6,TRAVAILEZZ (JAMAIS)! / (NEVER) WORK! – Festival of Contemporary Art in Bitola awarded the collaboration between Warren Neidich and the Faculty of Fine Arts- Skopje including four performances and seven collaborators from the Faculty of Fine Arts. The collaboration was supported by the AKTO Festival, the Fulbright Specialist Program, the Cultural Affairs and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) and the Cultural Affairs Department of the US Embassy in Skopje.

Collaborators: Suzana Milevska, Slobodanka Stevceska, Darko Aleksovski, Simona Manceva, Filip Rizov, Ivana Spiroska and Katerina Sokolova

Photo-documentation: Denis Saraginovski

In the Mind’s I is a one-on-one performative art work in which Warren Neidich utilizes visual memories of objects and scenarios of participants and a set of presented real objects from which the visitor may choose from to create works of art in their mind’s eye. The Minds Eye Becomes a kind of Stage in a Theater of consciousness that doubles as an immaterial Exhibition space. Each of us can conjure a white cube in their mind’s eye by closing ones eyes and simply remembering a white cube or similar space that they especially liked or were intrigued with. Each participant will be asked to make five very different pieces to hang or to be installed sequentially but appreciated finally simultaneously as an exhibition. As such the works of art only exist during the time of the performance and as memories. No physical trace is left behind to sell or barter. Although it is conceivable that the participant will take home certain memories with them that were generated during the performance. Each artwork can only be known as such to that particular participant, as they were the only ones who really experienced it. It is made up of her or his memories and is therefore a unique work of art. Does that visitor become the artist? Who owns the work? What are its display conditions? Is that person the only one who has the ability and right to display that work forever in their mind?

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