My artistic interests are focused on examining the fictional reality and even more fictional morals in society. Through my artistic research, I try to reveal and break down the prejudices and stereotypes that limit our freedom and at the same time develop people’s awareness of their rights and the fulfillment of their needs.

In my works, there is a constant research of marginalized groups and emphasis on human rights, diversity, and variations of people and their bodies. Through my works, I want to re-examine and intervene in these social constructs, and understand the contradictions and stereotypes that arise from them.

I try to show the contradictory behavior of people towards themselves, their health and their environment. I work with processes that are politically-artistic, i.e. both artistically explore and reflect in the public space, and explore around topics related to the post-human, the destabilization of ecosystems, capitalism and its impact on the environment, extractive processes and their impact on people’s lives and other beings, as well as care, community and unifying processes in creating new social imaginaries. I research and archive these specific processes, archives, documents which deal with morbidity, ecology, and exhibit them in public and gallery spaces through objects, performances and installations.

In parallel, I explore sexuality and the bodily needs of humans, through sex work and its past and present rights in different territories. This includes research through history, numismatics, various ceramic vessels, reliefs with use of various sexual visual presentations to approach the public.

I consider that my work is socially engaged, as well as educational for all ages. Through the use of different materials, and try to clearly and specifically address the viewer and the audience, in order to expand our views and understanding of individuality and human freedom. My artistic practice refers to local problems that are also global problems, with the aim of raising awareness in relation to sexual and reproductive health, as well as raising environmental awareness, action and proactivity of the community in the direction of opening and solving problems and issues onmicro level.


E-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: +38975438643 

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