Idealizing is a mental mechanism in which a person expresses excessively positive qualities for himself or for others.
The term Idealization was used for the first time as a definition by Sigmund Freud, which depicts the stage of child development with primary narcissism, where the child is the center of the universe.
Idealizing in childhood affects the development of man.
Idealization is a necessary precursor to the feelings of mature love.
Everyone is inclined to idealize in one or another area. The tendency to idealize other people or objects, talk about the desire for some perfection that we are dreaming about, but also involves denial of reality and can affect mental health.
The desire for an ideal relationship, an ideal partner, can bring a result of envy and jealousy. In Art Idealism is a tendency where things are presented with aesthetic sensibility, and not as they really are. Ethics in turn implies a view of life in which the dominant forces are spirituality and the goal of perfection.
Nowadays idealism is largely a source of ideas for human consciousness.
This exhibition of photographs speaks of idealizing the sculpture, the doll, objects of human form / form, for a different sexual attraction called agalmatophilia.
This project is a result of years of research on human sexuality and sexual practices.
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