The Feni Industry project is a long-lasting project inspired by life in Kavadarci. The presence of harmful particles in the air is observed every day in Kavadarci, the dust is red, the sky is red, the number of cancer patients has increased, the viziers have problems with production. This project began with success with various artistic and visual expressive means. The survey began in 2012. when I learned that more people in Kavadarci are suffering from cancer. When I returned from studies every night I watched the red sky above the city, trying through drawings, watercolors, paintings to portray. Then the idea was divided into theoretical research, paintings and photographs. In 2015, I realized the exhibition Red Sky, which is part of this project. Pictures created for week-long photography besides the Feni Industries factory accompanied by gas masks, smoke machine and industrial music. At the same time investigating the morale of the Tikvesh, the problems of the businessmen, documents of public character. The purpose of these research is to intervene in society, to increase the awareness of citizens about their basic rights and freedoms (the right to a healthy life and clean air). Ecology, polluted air is a global problem at the local level, caused by the negative impacts of human activities. Feni Industry is a project that addresses pollution at the local and global level. A project that talks about the fight against the rights of the businessmen, encouraging the critical awareness among the citizens in the Tikvesh, the right to a healthy life, clean air, healthy eating, the need for critical thinking and intervening in the social reality.

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